How to clear your browser history on an Android device

When you're done with Similar, be sure to check out Clutter it groups all your screenshots, blurred photos, and photos of text. Finally, go to Other and swipe through all the remaining photos: We do recommend you give your Camera Roll a cleanup — not only will it save you some storage, but it will also make the photo collection on your iPhone cleaner and easier to navigate. Be sure to come back to this checklist every once in a while to keep your iPhone clean.

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How To Clear Cache, Delete Cookies and Search History On The iPhone, Safari and Chrome

How to clean up your iPhone? Start with photos. Gemini Photos. English English. MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. Click here to learn more. As a novice programmer, new challenges come out everyday and I can't live without a web browser for searching answers on Google. When i am on way home, surfing the intent becomes the best option to kill the boring time on bus.

How to clear your browser's cache on a mobile device

Plus, not to day, hang out on eBay or Amazon for shopping. However there comes a problem as technology advances. These days both web browsers and search engines become smarter, which records your browser history and cookies on every website and use this information to display relevant ads on websites you are surfing. For example, if you bought a bunch of baseball online, then you get the most chances to see a lot of baseball relevant items everywhere, and this is called retargeting in tech words.

What's more, each one who use the iPhone or iPad device can see the same ads or other private info too. Definitely, this sort of information is not the one we want to show to others. It will be a very clever move to delete browser caches and cookies to protect your privacy being leaked on public. Sadly, Simple deletion is not far enough.

Part 2: How to clear Safari cache on iPhone/iPad?

Safari as the most popular web browser on iPhone or iPad still hasn't provided an option to clear such data. Only private mode is available which is designed for new tabs and didn't do any help to delete previous browsing cookies.

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You're only left to third party date erasing tools in this case. Fortunately, there are some good ones published on market already, like iOS Data Eraser. It's a powerful and customizable data wiping tools designed for iOS users.

What is Other in iPhone Storage?

You are free to delete specific items like cache, cookies, and photos or delete the whole personal data one time, the best option when selling your device to someone else. What's more, the deleted data is absolutely unrecoverable under this program. And install the program on your computer as usual. There will be desktop shortcut on your computer when installation is completed.

iOS - Clearing Cache and Cookies

Then plug your iPhone to computer via USB cable. The app will recognize your device when it's well attached and show the device info. There are 4 deleting modes embedded in the app as you can see from the left sidebar.