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You can move left and right though different category of contacts Facebook, Windows Live, and so on as well as creating custom groups, so you can have your family, friends and colleagues separated, or duplicated across these groups. You'll have to kill duplicates to stop blank panels appearing for some contacts easily done through the web interface , but if you know a healthy number of people on Facebook, you'll find it picks up their pictures so you have a nice rich graphical interface. Of course that also means that anyone with dubious pictures on Facebook will eventually surface, and the wife was quick to notice a female contact had a picture of herself in a bikini as her profile picture.

We didn't notice such things, of course, and you can change the picture if you want to. But having harvested contacts from various services, it doesn't offer you much more.

Vodafone H1 - Full phone specifications

We supplied details of our Google account, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger, but it only picks and chooses elements from those areas. Our Google Mail account was set-up. You can pull up a contact into a brief contact card, or another press takes you to a full contact card, and thumbing left and right will bring up details of your interaction with them, as well as status updates. You don't get a route to their online albums.

The pictures you snap using the camera get a fast sharing link to Facebook, but no other service like Picasa or Flickr. We were fed status updates from Facebook for the contacts we imported, but to really get Vodafone People to work for you they need to be online.

Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 - Android for H1?!

If you know a lot of people who are online though a messaging service, then you'll be able to pick them up and chat with them, send them locations nudges and so on. Feeling lost may be another problem you have with the H1, because Vodafone 's mapping service isn't as slick as Google Maps you can install the Java version, but it doesn't run properly.

It isn't the best mobile mapping solution and seems overly obsessed with dropping markers and setting up Vodafone locations, rather than just letting you get to where you want to go, or even tell you where you are.

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Setting up email addresses is the same and you are offered a range of existing web services to choose from, at which point out enter your details and it does the work for you, unless you have more than one type of any account, in which case you are stuck. Try as we might, we couldn't find the manual options to quickly and easily set-up a second Google email address. Attachments were displayed without any problems, and you get searching too.

The main menu interface apes the iPhone with a grid of icons, but they are rather basic in their appearance. They are either red, or green, or orange. Some expand to become widgets on the home page. The experience is rather bland, in truth, with the use of big bold coloured boxes belittling the resolution on offer in that glorious screen.

A glorious screen it is, as playing movies or browsing photos you add on to the massive 16GB of memory look fantastic. Through the Shop there is a limited app offering, that seems to miss out on the sort of fully-featured apps you find for the iPhone or Android handsets, which is always the danger of going solo on such things. There is another problem with the phone too and that's stability. We found that the screen would lock up and become totally unresponsive, needing a battery pull to get it running again.

At times the response is poor too, despite it being a capacitive touchscreen. Will you get it from Samsung?

You can make it, without any difficult. Now is to see whether you will do it or not!! Hi Erick, Further to LeeH's comment, we do not have anything in the pipeline to allow for customers to change the OS to Android - there may be techniques for doing so, but they would invalidate the warranty and we cannot endorse these.

RobinHood - just to confirm, software needs to be an Vodafone UK approved release to be an "official " update, not a Samsung release. DaveN eForum team.

Vodafone Takes Pre-Orders for Samsung 360 H1

Vodafone Samsung H1 - Android for H1? Quick links. Relevant Posts. Poor Support - Static IP.

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Using the BT home hub 6 router with Vodafone? Phone return. Sure signal 3 stopped working.

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