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Large reference texts have long been something ideally suited to carrying around in electronic form and I've had several requests for a round up of ways to take the Bible with you. It has, in fact, been something I'd been meaning to research for ages, so here goes. S60 3rd Edition , but that's no reason to lose faith in the idea If you have a different religious faith and a different 'holy' reference text then I'm sure there are similar options for you - see the Ovi Store, plus the suggestions below and think laterally And even then, the sheer size of the text around 3 or 4MB of raw text was too much for the memory cards of the day and you had to go for an eBook form that allowed for compression.

It was all a bit fiddly and even then you only got text plus a basic search function. Eventually cards got bigger and a wide variety of eBook and database systems arose on Psion and Symbian Series 80 and Series 60 to handle Bible text. I wrote a piece at the time summarising the options. However, all is not lost, as the rise of the 'app store' has meant that a number of dedicated options have arisen.

In addition, bandwidth and web storage costs have now altered sufficiently that it's quite practical for a lot of sites to host the full Bible text online, for easy access, with plenty of extras. This has some effect on text availability. This is a "Modern version of the traditional Bible from in the English language" and is impressively implemented in OpenGL.

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It's beautifully styled, with animated page edges in some views and over line drawings at appropriate points. Which might be enough to recommend it as-is, except that the UI is very good too. There's a very iPhone-like selection system for book, chapter and verse and marking a passage as a favourite is as easy as tapping the 'star' icon in the top toolbar - favourites are then available via a similar kinetic scrolling system. All that's really missing for a basic Bible reference system is a search function, but then this is a totally free solution, so it would be churlish to complain too much.

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Bible takes around ten seconds to load, which is a little frustrating, but again understandable considering the size of the text involved. Having just reviewed a few excellent Java applications, I didn't want to be prejudiced, but this application is an appalling mess of UI inconsistencies and bugs. Flinging you from one display type to another, to several different forms of text or numeric input, Holy Bible on biNu is simply unusable.

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Getting its data from the Internet is probably OK in this day and age, but the developers have to make an effort with the UI. The critical 'Search' function doesn't work at all, returning an error whatever I entered. It's still miles from perfect, mind you, but at least the basics are here.

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It's slow and it's clunky, but the screens of Bible text all original KJV, as the name implies are all here and scroll smoothly, there are simple graphical 3D transitions between the app's various screens, there's a 'Search' function and even a DIY portrait Qwerty keyboard! So far so good. Unfortunately, the performance of Bible KJV leaves a lot to be desired.

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Perhaps the result of trying to access 4MB of text in a Java application. Search results take over 20 seconds to be returned - and when they do arrive are simply listed by chapter, without even saying which book each is from or quoting a few words of context.


Worse, dive into a search result and then back out again and you have to wait the full 20 seconds again for the matches to appear. And again. Making this function completely unusable. Given the antiquated text and search problems, it's hard to recommend this as a commercial purchase. Love the search and share features and the variety of ways to share. Also like the audio versions.

This is the best bible app out there. It has the word in different languages and versions for online and offline use. It has devotionals for everything you could think of. You can connect with others and ultimately learn about God and his Word. This is a great tool for studying from multiple translations.

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It's also convenient for listening to the bible when you're driving. What people are saying about the free Bible app I always have the Word. Highly recommended I love how you are able to connect with friends and the Bible reading plans are awesome. Wonderful app.

Always improving! The best Bible app ever! Multiple versions and offline reading! Great app! Best Bible app! Great app This is a great tool for studying from multiple translations.